Introducing our most exclusive service, ‘Airport By Invitation’.

The only way to enjoy private aviation travel on a commercial scheduled flight, Airport By Invitation allows VVIP passengers to bypass the commercial terminal and unwind in a private lounge before boarding their aircraft. With media discretion guaranteed, this is the only way to ensure complete privacy prior to your flight.

Arrival: This luxurious service starts with a private car tarmac transfer once you have landed. From there you will be whisked to your very own private lounge where you can enjoy some refreshments while your bags are brought to you in the lounge. Once all the immigration procedures have been carried out directly in the lounge, your driver will be waiting for you outside the private terminal. This is the ultimate way to arrive in style.

Departure: Start your airport experience at a private terminal where you will be taken to a private lounge, in which your bags will be taken and you will be checked-in directly from the lounge. Relax and unwind with refreshments while waiting to board your flight. Finally, only when the time has come, go through private security and then be driven in a private car tarmac transfer to board the commercial flight.

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